The Quiet Storm with Lenny Green

The Quiet Storm with Lenny Green is a 7pm to Midnight obsession for radio listeners everywhere. Fresh, intimate and oh-so smooth, Lenny delivers with his award-winning personality Monday-Thursday with the best variety of Old School and Today’s R&B!


CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS – Talking with A1 celebrities

CONFESSIONS OF LOVE – Open conversations and discussions about love & relationships

TUESDAY’S DOUBLE PLAY OF LOVE – Playing 2 songs by the same artist back to back

TUCK-IN DEDICATIONS – Listeners say goodnight to someone special

LOCALIZATION – Breaks can be localized for local sponsorships and contesting

The Quiet Storm with Lenny Green

IN PROGRAM INVENTORY: 3 minutes/hour (75 minutes/week), day specific, M-F 7P-12A
ROS INVENTORY 1 minute/day (7 minutes/week), M-Su 6A-12A