Live In Concert

Each weekend Live in Concert presents 2 hours of legendary live performances by the icons of Rock and Roll. Hosted by Lisa Berigan, Live in Concert delivers a live concert experience in every segment. Classic performances by artist like Fleetwod Mac, Elton John, Queen and U2, are the core of Live in Concert. A ratings winner since 2008, Live in Concert taps into your listeners connection with the artists and the live concert experience.            

SHOW LENGTH: 2 Hours Saturday or Sunday 6am-12pm

IN PROGRAM INVENTORY: 6 minutes per hour

Live In Concert Demo


Here’s What Programmers Have to Say About Live In Concert!

“Great appointment listening. The live performances featured are always spectacular. I highly recommend ‘Live in Concert’ for all Classic Hits and Classic Rock stations.”

– Bill Cahill, former Program Director, WBIG, Washington, D.C.

“We’re excited to add Live In Concert! to the lineup of 100.7 The Bay. The show is a refreshing approach to live music that really captures the magic of attending a show by your favorite band. Lisa Berigan is an engaged host and we love her dog Daisy.”

– Dan Michaels, Program Director WZBA, Baltimore, MD

“One of the things I love about ‘Live in Concert’ is hearing cool nuggets. Get it on your station and you’ll be a fan too!”

– Charlie Lombardo, Program Director, WRCN, Long Island, NY

Put the power of live music to work for you!