AfroZons with Sheila O

AfroZons is where Afrobeats meets Hip Hop! AfroZons, hosted by Sheila O, is a two-hour weekly showcase of the latest and hottest Afro-infused vibes, including Afrobeats, Afrotrap, Afrohouse, Amapaiano, Afro-Caribbean, Dancehall, and High Life, all fused with celebrity interviews and more! 

SHOW LENGTH: 2 hours

INVENTORY: 6 minutes per hour in-program Sat/Sun 6A-12A      

“AfroZons, Where Afrobeats Meets Hip Hop!”

Sheila Okonji-Ashinze

The first ever syndicated Afrobeats show, AfroZons is a weekly showcase of the latest culture trends, topical conversations and music from Africa, including urban fusion sounds from the western world to the motherland. The show debuted in 2017 and was launched as part of the black history month celebration for Power 92.3 Chicago.

AfroZons is designed to expose the African culture to America by highlighting an array of African music artist, DJ’s, designers, activists, entrepreneurs and more. the AfroZons radio show provides a rare platform for African recording artists and the Afrobeat genre to gain exposure internationally via radio. AfroZons interview guests range from artists of African descent, artists from the U.S, Top international bloggers, key celebrity speakers, industry leaders, celebrities from the movie and film industry and record labels. African sounds and culture are permeating the globe at a fast pace. Enthusiasts of the culture vary from African born to people who embrace Africa from all over the globe.

AfroZons Audio Demo

The Host-Sheila Okonji-Ashinze

Sheila Okonji-Ashinze is a well-respected international business and entertainment mogul who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry worldwide. In February 2017, Sheila O made history as the first international female personality to create and host an Afrobeat radio show in the United States, airing across major FM platforms.

AfroZons is a ‘groundbreaking’ two-hour weekly radio show that fuses today’s hip hop with Afrobeats’ while simultaneously highlighting the latest in global, urban trends and news. Leading a movement to bring African culture to American audiences, AfroZons with Sheila O features an array of African artists, DJs, designers, activists and entrepreneurs. As the ‘hottest’ new musical genre, Afrobeats offers a rare opportunity for hip-hop stations to catch on to the new wave of music, featuring artists such as Tyla, Black Coffee, Whiz Kid, Tiwa Savage and Davido.

After enjoying successful ratings airing weekends on Power 92.3 Chicago, the show is now national, airing in Washington, D.C, Houston, Miami, and on SiriusXM.

Sheila O Black Enterprise Profile

What Makes AfroZons Unique?

  • AfroZons is hosted by multi-media influencer Sheila O. a member of the Grammy Awards academy
    and a respected booking agent.
  • AfroZons highlights music with an energy that targets the prime 18-34 demo, also attracting 18-49
    year old’s who know that Afrobeats is growing up. AfroZons is the first place to hear Afrobeat songs
    for the Afrobeats lover. AfroZons curates a well-balanced inclusive sound inclusive of the top trending hits in urban music and Afrobeats.
  • AfroZons features culture-connected and culture-adjacent personalities as contributing experts.
  • AfroZons interactive content and multimedia focus carries the show’s interaction
    with a strong social presence and shareable content, bringing listeners back on a
    weekly basis.
  • AfroZons is THE one-stop shop for “Afro Everything” including the latest in entertainment, finance, politics, health, lifestyle, music and more…all in one place and with an urban focus.

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