WNZN FM Cleveland, OH Adds The Marvin Sapp Radio Show

Urban Inspirational station POWER 89.1 FM adds The Marvin Sapp Radio Show to their weekend lineup. WNZN features other national personalities including Bobby Jones and Bishop Hezekiah Walker as well as local Inspirational figures in the Cleveland area.

From WNZN.org: Power 89.1 FM’s sincere passion and commitment to impact lives through uplifting and “whole” some entertainment, positive programming and inspirationally charged content through a number of diverse media formats from news talk to faith-based programming. Power 89.1’s mission is to provide family friendly information, encouragement, companionship, and entertainment through Christian programming. Power 89.1 will creatively blend classic and contemporary gospel music in such a way that the entire family will enjoy listening. WNZN is committed to a high quality of workmanship and strive diligently to operate with fiscal responsibility, demonstrating principles of Biblical stewardship…all while creating solutions for successful lives life and promoting a healthy community.